life insurance rates

Life Insurance

Life insurance is aimed at protecting the people you love against some problems they may experience in case you pass away. Life insurance is often purchased at quite an old age, and no wonder monthly payments can be pretty high. People that plan ahead start their live insurance payments early - and the amounts they pay are considerable smaller. At the insured person's death the money is paid to the beneficiary stated in the agreement.

There can be a different scenario - when the person insured learns he or she has a terminal illness. In that case they can get the lump sum paid out and can spend it as they like. Although suicide is nowadays a cause of death that is provided for, in most cases if the insured commits a suicide within a two year period from the moment the agreement was signed it will be declared null by the insurance company. This is done to exclude the possibility of suicide specially planned for the company to pay the benefits to the beneficiary.

Insurance companies tend to be quite suspicious about the causes of the insured people's death and can carry out their own investigation to find out if the death was due to natural causes. If the beneficiary is found to have something to do with the death the agreement is also declared null and no money is paid.